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While at university the computer graphics students were given the opportunity to learn and use an advanced, commercial animation package, in this case Houdini (then known as Prisms). For the graduating class in 1995 some of the students produced a multimedia CD-ROM as a kind of yearbook project. I created the introductory animation that ran when the CD-ROM started up.
Stop frame...
Stop frame...
My first job out in the real world was developing GSTN-based video-conferencing systems for Windows. This gave me access to some cool techno-bits like video cameras and capture cards. These were used to produce a stop frame animation as an animated gif / flash.
teapot with 1 to 30 quads per patch
More recently I took the results of testing my raytracer Arise with the SPD and created some flash animations like the teapot above showing how the images changed with varying database parameters.
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