This section is all about what I do for a crust - and the fun I have while doing it! At the beginning of 2002, I started nimblestone, a systems integration consultancy. Between around the middle of 1999 and my departure to start nimblestone, I was working for Cambridge Technology Partners, a global systems integrator, acquired by Novell in mid-2001. Although attached to the Irish office in Dublin I was lucky enough to work in other parts of Europe including Zurich, Amsterdam and Glasgow. My job at Cambridge also allowed me to visit Boston in the U.S., London, Stuttgart, Geneva and Vienna.

Sadly, the Novell buyout meant a shift in the solutions offerings to focus exclusively on Novell software products. For an independent solutions architect or consultant such a shift to one vendor's products (regardless of how good they are) is not helpful for the career, so I decided to strike out on my own.

Before moving to Dublin and joining Cambridge I worked in Australia for a software house developing and bespoking GSTN based Video Conferencing packages for Windows. We spent around 15 months developing a version of our product for Mitsubishi Electric, who wanted to create a remote telemedical conferencing product that would allow pregnant women in rural Japan to see their doctors without having to make the (sometimes) long journey to the hospitals where the doctors were based.

Before that, I worked with IBM's Australian Programming Centre (now part of IBM Global Services), in their Multimedia and Publishing department, doing tech support, LAN admin and helping create multimedia kiosks, CD-ROMs and other graphical products.

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